Lukas LK-570 Power Pack

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LUKAS LK 570 12V Power-Pack Pro

The Lukas LK-570 Smart Power battery back up system.
For All Lukas Dash Camera Range. These Battery Packs can offer up to 17-23 hours of power on the Lukas models!


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The Lukas LK-570 Dashcam Battery Pack is one of the most popular battery packs on the market. It can power your in car camera for up to an impressive 23 hours. It uses a super fast charging technology called LiFEPO4. This battery solution is the ideal solution through the winter months as your vehicle’s internal battery does not perfom the same as in the summer months. By installing the new Lukas LK-570 Battery pack you will have a dedicated source for your dash camera system so you never miss any video footage while your vehicle is parked up..

Important Note: We recommend this product for all 2013+ BMW & Merc vehicles that are equipped with a battery management/warning systems. This will eliminate all the battery warnings from popping up on the drivers information screen as this can happen all to often with CAMBUS controlled systems.